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RoastWrap® makes it easy to slide a net over your roast! Simply roll the roast in the special SnapWrap® plastic sleeve, slide on the net and, with a “snap”, remove the sleeve from each end of the net.

1 Place roast on SnapWrap at starting line and, using the guides, cut sheet to length closest to the roast.

2 Roll the SnapWrap and roast toward the starting line, being careful not to roll the SnapWrap sheet into the rolled roast.

3 Secure roast in SnapWrap with adhesive strip.

4 Trim netting to be slightly longer than the roast (to assure that each end of the roast is contained). Slide netting over the roast and SnapWrap. The dotted perforation guideline on the SnapWrap sheet should be clearly visible at the center of the roast.

5 To remove the SnapWrap sheet, completely break the perforation by simply pressing or twisting along the dotted guideline as you rotate the roast and SnapWrap.

6 Remove the first half of the SnapWrap sheet from one end of the roast by pulling sheet out from under the net. Repeat on the other end, checking to make sure that all the SnapWrap has been removed before roasting. After your roast is cooked, remove netting and serve.

RoastWrap Salmon Roulade
RoastWrap Stiuffed Turkey Breast
RoastWrap Stuffed Beef Tenderloin

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