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Professional and home chefs have traditionally used string to tie or truss roasts, an unwieldy task, especially when they're trying to prepare a stuffed rolled roast (Roulade). But, many professional chefs, recognizing that rolled roasts are the best way to achieve optimal heat distribution and flavor are increasingly giving up string and using instead, a net to achieve better tasting roasts.

But, until now, nets and equipment for inserting roasts into nets were not readily available to consumers or the retailers serving them. Now, JetNet®, the nation's leading manufacturer of nets for professional chefs and meat processors has introduced “RoastWrap®” an ingenious method of sliding a net over any roast so home chefs can prepare beautiful and great tasting roasts, just like the pros.

The secret is a thin sheet of plastic film that makes it easy to slide a net over a roast, even when it's stuffed. After the net surrounds the roast, the plastic film is easily removed, leaving the roast securely wrapped in the net for roasting. Rania Harris,a professional chef, caterer and TV host of Cooking with Rania says; “RoastWrap is simply the best way I've seen for making perfect roasts. No tying, trussing or equipment needed. It's actually fun. Now anyone can make great rolled and stuffed roasts.”

RoastWrap can be used to roast, grill or saute any type of meat, fish, fowl or vegetable and even makes it possible to prepare roasts in ways you couldn't easily do with other methods such as enveloping a roast with bacon to add flavor or for vegetarians, making a stuffed eggplant roll. The product was developed with a team of professional chefs who have long recognized the problems with tying or trussing roasts. Don Sartore, president of JetNet observes, “Each year, we receive hundreds of requests from consumers, asking if there is a way for them to achieve professional results using meat nets instead of tying or trussing. Now there is.”

RoastWrap is available in a merchandising package of two per package, or as a value pack of 12 units. Merchandising packages come with netting, two sheets of special plastic wrap, instructions and a recipe guide. Packages are available for small and large roasts and a combo pack that has nets for both small and large roasts. The Value Packs contain 12 sheets of perforated plastic Snap Wrap®, and 12 feet of netting. A handsome full color self merchandiser holds 18 packages and features instructions, serving suggestions and other information. Packages also have hang holes for use in slat walls or other display fixtures.

RoastWrap Salmon Roulade
RoastWrap Stiuffed Turkey Breast
RoastWrap Stuffed Beef Tenderloin

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